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Michael McKeever Playwright
Michael McKeever Playwright
37 Postcards

37 Postcards
Comedy - 2m, 4w - single unit set


After eight years of traveling abroad, Avery Sutton is coming home. Home, to the warmth and comfort of his family. Unfortunately, things aren't quite as comfortable as Avery remembers. For starters, the house, poised on the edge of a sink hole, sits at a distinct angle. The dog hasn't been fed in five years. And Aunt Ester is running a profitable phone-sex operation out of the kitchen. Oddly enough, Mom and Dad seem happily oblivious to all of this, as well as the fact that Avery's 97-year-old Grandmother is still alive and living in their home. 37 Postcards shows that you can, in fact, go home again. You just never know what you're going to find.


  • Avery Sutton, 31, bright, likable, perhaps a little nerdy
  • Evelyn Sutton, 50's, lovely and gracious, somewhat oblivious
  • Stanford P. Sutton, 50's, warm and giving, somewhat oblivious
  • Aunt Ester, 40's, the ultimate homemaker, sweet, daft
  • Gillian Moore, 20's, Avery's fiancée, beautiful, but with an edge
  • Nana, 97-years-old, half deaf, half blind and foul-mouthed


  • New Theatre, Miami, FL - Aug. - Sept. 1998
    (dir. Barry Steinman)
  • Florida Studio, Sarasota, FL - Apr. - Jun. 2000
    (dir. Michael Lasswell)
  • Hudson Stage Company, Hudson-on-Croton, NY - Oct. 2001
    (dir. Dan Foster)
  • Island Players, Anna Maria Island, FL - Jan. 2002
    (dir. Kelly Wynn Woodland)
  • Komödie Dresden, Dresden, Germany, Apr. 2003
    (under the German title: 37 Ansichtskarten)
    (dir. Hans Gratzer)
  • Harlequins Theatre, Sandusky, OH - Nov. 2003
    (dir. Kathleen Hoffman)
  • Theater in der Josefstadt, Kammerspiele, Vienna, Austria,
    Sept. - Nov. 2003
    (under the German title: 37 Ansichtskarten)
    (dir. Hans Gratzer)
  • Zimmer Theatre, Heidelberg, Germany, Jun. - Nov. 2004
    (under the German title: 37 Ansichtskarten)
    (dir. Ute Richter)
  • The Longmont Theatre, Longmont, CO - Mar. 2005
  • Canyon Moon Theatre, Sedona, AZ - Jan. 2007
    (dir. Mary Giraldi)
  • Fritz Rémond Theater, Frankfurt, Germany - Sept. - Oct. 2008
    (under the German title: 37 Ansichtskarten)
  • Prescott Fine Arts Association, Prescott, AZ - May 2009
    (dir. Jonathan Perpich)
  • Orangeburg Part-Time Players, Orangeburg, SC - Jun. 2010
  • Curtain Call Theatre, Colonie, NY - Jul. - Aug. 2011
  • Das Theater an der Effingerstraße, Bern, Switzerland - Dec. 2011
    (under the German title: 37 Ansichtskarten)
  • Hayes Community Playhouse, Hayes, SD - Mar. 2012
  • Thayer County Theater, Hebron, NE - Mar. 2012
  • Hardin County Players, Kenton, OH - Mar. 2012
  • Ashern Centennial Auditorium, Ashern, MB, Canada - Apr. 2012
  • Och-Teatr, Warsaw, Poland - May - Jun. 2012
    (under the Polish title: Pocztówki z Europy)
  • Corbin Theatre, Liberty, MO - Jun. 2012
  • Footlight Players, Coshocton, OH - Oct. 2012
  • Park Players of Greenfield Park, QC, Canada - Nov. 2012
  • The Island Players, Anna Maria Island, FL - May 2013
  • Preservation Madison, Madison, NE - Jul. 2013
  • Back Stage In Bancroft, Burt, IA - Aug. 2013
  • Pender Island Solstice Theatre, Pender Island, BC, Canada
    - Nov. 2013
  • Racine Theatre Guild, Racine, WI - Feb. - Mar. 2014
  • SKIT, New London, NH - Apr. 2014
  • Elgin Theatre Guild, St Thomas, ON, Canada - May - Jun. 2014
  • Kirk Players, Mundelein, IL - Jun. 2014
  • Theatre Company of Sun City, Huntley, IL - Jun. 2014


"McKeever's writing illuminates not only insightful wit, but a disarming poignancy that, while poking fun at this dysfunctional family, also reveals a well-thought-out and emotional resonance."
- George Capewell, Back Stage

"Moving and real."
- Alvin Klein, New York Times

"If you want some laughs mixed with warmth, love and familial devotion, do not miss this play."
- Buddy Clarke, Ent. News and Views

"What can possibly top this show?"
- Kim Cool, Venice Gondolier (Sarasota, FL)


2000 FST Sarasota Festival of News Plays Finalist
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