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Michael McKeever Playwright
The Garden of Hannah List

The Garden of Hannah List
Drama - 6m, 3w - single unit set


As the power of the Third Reich engulfs Germany, the List Family, comfortable in the garden of their Nuremberg home, watches and waits ... Or do they? The Garden of Hannah List explores how individuals react when faced with overwhelming evil, and how the human spirit can prevail or falter when confronted with the choice between right and wrong.


  • Hannah List, a German widow in her late 50's
  • Oscar List, Hannah's son, good looking, intelligent, early 30's
  • Lottie Puzyna, Hannah's daughter, shy, quiet, late 20's
  • Rudy Puzyna, Lottie's husband, extremely intelligent, 30's
  • Karma Gault, Oscar's fiancée, bright, vibrant, early 30's
  • Herr Kubizek, Hannah's servant, early 60's
  • Otto Frick, an SS officer, late 20's
  • An SA Brownshirt, early 20's
  • A Hitler Youth, early 20's


  • Florida Stage, Manalapan, FL - May - Jun. 1998
    (dir. Henry Fonte)
  • Hypothetical Theatre Company, New York, NY - Feb. 2000
    (dir. Henry Fonte)


"McKeever's play consistently surprises and compels with plot twists that bring a fresh perspective to a subject that would seem to have exhausted all possibiblities for originality."
- Aaron Hamburger, New York City Search

"Some plays grab audiences from the start and hold them to the end. So it is with The Garden of Hannah List."
- David A. Rosenberg, Backstage.com

"McKeever's strategy is to play different moral points of view against each other, and the effect is breathtaking."
- Robin Dougherty, New Times

"An intriguing, sometimes funny, thought-provoking yarn."
- Christine Dolen, Miami Herald


1998 Carbonell Award, Best New Work
1998 New Times "Best of the Year" - Best New Play
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