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Melt (The Miamians)

Melt (The Miamians)
Drama - 4m, 2w - various locations


As a new skyline forms over the city of Miami, histories, traditions and heritage are slowly being lost. And perhaps, new ones are being created. Three families - one Cuban, one African American and one Jewish - collide, intermingle and eventually blend as Melt unfolds its intricately woven tapestry of family, history and hope.


  • Luis Ribada, Early 30's, Hispanic, an urban planner
  • Marta Ribada, 50's - 60's, Hispanic, a seamstress, Luis' mother
  • Jackson Thomas, 30's, African American, a male nurse
  • Adelle Thomas, 30's, African American, a lawyer, Jackson's sister
  • Leo Chasen, 30's, Jewish, a high school teacher
  • Isaac Chasen, 60's - 70's, Jewish, a retired baker, Leo's father


  • New Theatre, Coral Gables, FL - Apr. - May 2007
    (dir. Ricky J. Martinez)
  • Florida Studio Theatre, Sarasota, FL - Apr. - May 2008
    (under the title: The Miamians)
    (dir. Kate Alexander)
  • Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, Miami, FL - Mar. 2009
    (dir. Stuart Meltzer)
  • Staged Reading at Primary Stages, New York - Mar. 2009
    (under the title: The Miamians)
    (dir. Stuart Meltzer)
  • One Community/One Play - Miracle Theatre, Miami, FL, Feb. 2010
    (dir. Stuart Meltzer)
  • Race Exhibition, Museum of Science, Miami, FL - May. 2014


"Wise without feeling preachy, dramatic without forgetting to have humor, epic in scope yet compact, it is evidence of a new maturity for an important voice from South Florida."
- Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Post

"A combustible mixture that pops and fizzes emotionally."
- Jack Zink, Sun-Sentinel

"A beautifully written piece by a writer who understands Miami."
- Kareem Tabsch, Edge Theatre Reviews


2008 Carbonell Award, Best New Work
2007 Palm Beach Post "Top Ten Plays List"
2007 Miami Sun Post "Best of 2007" - Best New Play
2007 Tony's Top Ten (South Florida Theatre)
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