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Michael McKeever Playwright
Michael McKeever Playwright

Comedy - 4w, 2m - single set


Miami, 1962. The members of a prominent South Florida family find their world challenged by the life-changing events of the era. The Kennedy assassination, the Cold War and the sudden influx of Cubans to Miami set the stage for an all out showdown as past, present, east and west all collide in this comic look at how we got to where we are today.


  • Lorelei Montefiore Porter: a wealthy housewife and mother
  • Lucy Montefiore: Lorelei's wealthy sister, an artist
  • Clayton Porter: Lorelei's wealthy husband, a city councilman
  • Olivia: African American, the Montefiore family maid
  • Inez: Cuban, the new Montefiore family maid
  • Hector: Cuban, a young talented painter


  • Zoetic Stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center
    Miami, FL - March - April, 2012
    (dir. Stuart Meltzer)


"Moscow is a made-in-South Florida treasure."
- Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

"Michael McKeever is a brilliantly funny writer and if you doubt that statement just saunter over to the Arsht Center and catch Zoetic's world premiere production of McKeever's Moscow."
- Roger Martin, miamiartzine.com

"One of the wittiest yet realistic shows to premiere ... in many years."
- Ron Levitt, Florida Media News/ENV Magazine

"Moscow ... is rich in so many ways with deep characters and dialogue that is quick and witty."
- Michelle F. Solomon, Florida Theater On Stage


2012 Carbonell Award - Best New Work
2012 Silver Palm Award - Outstanding New Work
2012 Miami Herald "Top Theatrical Highlights"
2012 Tony’s Top 25 (South Florida Theater)
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