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The New Orleans Story

The New Orleans Story
Comedy - 4m, 2w - various locations


Three friends on a long weekend in New Orleans. With this simple premise begins a tale of self-discovery and understanding. A tale inhabited by a gallery of colorful characters: A philosophizing drag queen/security guard; a benign and insightful cemetary caretaker; an overzealous society matron; and Loveshack, the world's ugliest stripper. These and others act as a Greek chorus to our trio, as they find their way through life in the Vieux Carré. The New Orleans Story takes us on a journey from the palatial country clubs of Louisiana's richest families to the decadent stages of Bourbon Street's strip bars. A journey that ultimately leads, at 30,000 feet above the Gulf of Mexico, to a greater understanding of a better way of life.


  • Kevin, early 30's. smart, sarcastic
  • Jackie, early 30's. sweet, shy, insecure
  • Colin, early 30's. bubbly, easily excited
  • Thing 1(m): The Cannibal, an odd man on a plane
    • Maurice, a male stripper
    • Grant, a groom
    • Scott, a drag queen
  • Thing 2(w): Bandit, a stripper
    • The Socialite, just that
    • Sammy, a bartender
    • The Cab Driver, earthy, good-natured
  • Thing 3(m): Loveshack, the world's ugliest stripper
    • The Waiter, bitchy and uptight
    • Michael, a painfully shy business man
    • The Caretaker, a rumpled man with great insight


  • Key West Theatre Festival, Key West, FL - Oct. 1997
    (dir. Barry Steinman)


"A funny, clever, unpredictable romp down Bourbon Street."
- Jennifer K. Mahal, Key West Citizen

"Sure to keep audiences laughing."
- Bill Hawkins, Island News

"A hilarious romp."
- George Capewell, Back Stage


1997 Key West Theatre Festival Finalist
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