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Open Season

Open Season
Comedy - 3m, 2w - single unit set


It isn't enough that aging legend Mallory Dupre has to contend with closing shows, numerous ex-husbands and reviews that call her "the last of a dying breed." Now her father, the even more legendary Edmund Dupre, has suddenly moved in with her. Her son, ex-child star turned personal secretary, Christian plays referee. Fame, fortune, and family collide as three generations attempt to live and work together, ultimately discovering that blood is thicker than mimosas. "Theatre is just like life," Edmund proclaims, "only with better lighting!"


  • Mallory Dupre, 50's, a great star of stage and screen
  • Edmund Dupre, 70's, Mallory's father, a theatre legend
  • Christian Knight, 30's, Mallory's son, a one-time child star
  • Alice Slade, 30's, an in-home health care worker
  • Tony O' Neill, 30ish, an actor


  • Hollywood Playhouse, Hollywood, FL - Sept. - Oct. 2002
    (dir. Amy London)
  • Marathon Community Theatre, Marathon, FL - Nov. 2002
    (dir. Rita Irwin)
  • Island Players, Anna Maria Island , FL - May 2003
    (dir. Preston Boyd)
  • Playworks, Charlotte, NC - Jul. 2003
    (dir. Steven Umberger)
  • Port Tobacco Players, MD - Sept. 2004
    (dir. Randolph Geck)
  • Harlequins Theatre, Sandusky, OH - Apr. 2005
    (dir. Kathleen Hoffman)
  • The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, NC - Jun. 2006
  • a.gon münchen, Munich, Germany - Tour - Feb. - Apr. 2008
    (under the German title: Liebeslügen)
    (dir. Stefan Zimmermann)
  • Sommerfestspiele Grein, Grein, Austria - July - Aug. 2011
    (German title: Liebeslügen)


"A hands-down comedic triumph."
- Paul Gallotta, City Link

"This play is the funniest thing I've seen in years.
Four out of Four Stars. A-Plus."
- John Hartness, Art Savant (Charlotte, NC)

"Sprinkled throughout this inside-showbiz narrative are fresh comic asides with unexpected laugh lines that pop like colorful balloons."
- Jack Zink, Sun-Sentinel

"A delightful throwback to the days of Noël Coward and George F. Kaufman."
- Mary Damiano, Express Gay News


2002 Curtain Up Awards - Best New Work
2002 Sun-Sentinel "10 Best Plays of the Year"
2002 Palm Beach Post "Top Ten Plays List"
2002 Charlotte Rep New Play Festival Finalist
(under the title: The Dangerous Place)
2001 TLSF - 1st Annual Full Length Play Competition - First Place
(under the title: The Dangerous Place)
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