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Michael McKeever Playwright
Michael McKeever Playwright
South Beach Babylon

South Beach Babylon
Comedy - 4m, 2w, 2 dancers - various locations


Is it possible to create art without selling one's soul? This is the question, artfully, hilariously posed in South Beach Babylon, Michael McKeever's theatrical ode to the daunting task of being an artist in contemporary America. Tracking the lives of five ambitious artists during the weeks leading up to South Beach's epic Art Basel Weekend, this insightful play follows each artist's journey navigating the collision of art and capitalism, pomposity and prestige, and the parts of ourselves we let fall away in our quest for success.


  • Jonas Blodgen, 20's, a painter
  • Tony Everette, 40's, a photographer
  • Lennox Montel, 20's, beautiful, a model
  • Simon Gardner, 40's, a choreographer/performance artist
  • Semira Mann, 40's, an event planner
  • Chillie Zangora, 30's, a hugely successful pop artist
  • Dancer 1 (also plays a number of assistants, waiters, etc.)
  • Dancer 2 (also plays a number of assistants, waitresses, etc.)


  • Zoetic Stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center
    Miami, FL - December, 2010
    (dir. Stuart Meltzer)
  • Florida Studio, Sarasota, FL, Jul. - Sep. 2013
    (dir. Kate Alexander)


"One of McKeever's best."
- Bill Hirshman, South Florida Theater Review

"A remarkable theatrical achievement"
- Ron Levitt, Florida Media News

"Hip, funny, cynical and topical."
- Roger Martin, Miami Artzine

"A scathing commentary on artistic exploitation."
- Christine Dolen, Miami Herald


2011 Silver Palm Award - Outstanding New Work
2010 Miami Herald "Top Five Theatrical Events"
2010 South Florida Theatre Review "Top Ten Shows"
2010 Tony's Top Dozen (South Florida Theatre)
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