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Michael McKeever Playwright
The Velveteen Undertow

The Velveteen Undertow
Comedy - 3m, 2w - single unit set


Sam Templer, always in control, is about to have another in a series of never-ending affairs with women whose names he can never remember. What he doesn't realize is that he's about to play baby sitter to a madman. Maxwell Love is the Number 1 Christian recording Star of 1996. He also might have just beaten his prostitute girlfriend into a coma. Two worlds collide in Room 712 of the Quality Days Motel, as these two men find themselves trapped with each other and possibly worse ... the truth about themselves. Religion, marriage, family values and love all get a once-over, as Room 712 spins out of control to the play's comic-tragic conclusion.


  • Sam Templer, 40's, always in control
  • Max Love, 30's, likably insane
  • Nonnie Love, 40, sweet, attractive, maybe just a little bit off
  • Auntie La, a loud woman with oddly-colored hair
  • Jerome, A hotel bellman


  • Palm Beach DramaWorks, Palm Beach, FL - Jun. - Jul. 2002
    (dir. William Hayes)
  • Theater Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany - May. 2014


"Both clever and entertaining. It's hard not to get caught up in this powerful work."
- Paul Gallotta, City Link

"A wave of intriguing comic drama"
- Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Post


2001 Palm Beach DramaWorks Playwrights Festival - First Place
2000 FST's Florida Playwrights' Festival Finalist (Sarasota, FL)
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